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Robyn Wagner Celebrations

As a professional celebrant, I will provide you a well-designed ceremony that captures the special moment or event you are celebrating.

I will work with you to ensure your ceremony has a clear structure, flows smoothly, is creative and interesting to those participating. The guests can be a part of this very personal and intimate time.
The music, readings, rituals and poetry enhance the ceremony and also should complement the setting. Those present should feel part of a very memorable event.

There are other ceremonies that are gradually becoming more prominent and more popular in Australia. These are:

  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Entry into adolescence
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies
  • This is Your Life
  • Bon Voyage/Welcome Home
  • Citizenship
  • Business Celebrations
  • Graduations
  • Boat Naming ceremonies
  • Pet Ceremonies (birthdays/funerals)