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Robyn Wagner Celebrations
Many other milestone birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated throughout our lives and for a variety of reasons the people involved may want to create a symbolic ceremony for the occasion. I will assist with the design and conduct the ceremony. There still is great value in ritual and ceremony in life. These milestone birthdays, anniversary and celebrations can also play a deep emotional and cathartic role in our lives.

Due to my experience as a celebrant and MC I can make your next significant family celebration even more meaningful and memorable.

I will meet with you and discuss your ideas, make suggestions to create that very special event for you and your guests and suggest ceremonial ways to add meaning.

I encourage you to add more structure and ceremony to your next significant family event. It will make a memorable difference!

Coming-Of-Age Ceremonies

In Australian, 18 and 21 birthday celebrations are very significant milestones and it is lovely watching families come together to reflect on the wonderful family times that have beenin the past and look forward to the future, with more memories to be made.

I can be invited to M.C the ceremony for the family. A well designed and meaningful ceremony will have structure, flow smoothly and be interesting for the young person and guests alike. To create a special atmosphere for the party photos, music and tributes can create a very memorable event.

I have the experience and skills to create a ceremony from your ideas. I will to take the words that you choose, to add symbolism and structure that create a meaningful and memorable ceremony in which everyone shares.