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Robyn Wagner Celebrations

I am so delighted that you have visited my ‘Ray of Hope’ page.

Do you know someone that has been through a tough time lately?

Do you someone who has suffered a loss and is feeling very low?

Is there someone you feel who needs encouragement to keep going?  Maybe someone you know is very depressed – maybe suicidal?

Someone who needs to be reminded of all the good things in life, of all the positive reasons to go forward?

My ‘Ray of Hope’ Ceremonies are designed to encourage people to love life, appreciate what they have, focus on a better, brighter future.

They may being feeling lost, helpless and need direction. It may be a spiritual journey they are on, or one that they need assistance with, to guide them ahead.

I believe we can work together to create a Ceremony that is relevant and meaningful, to inspire and encourage.  I hope that by having a Ray of Hope Ceremony, it will be a life changing experience, a positive move forward to another chapter in their life.

We are all on a journey.

We are all in search of love, guidance, direction, and meaning for our lives.

We are searching for a safe place, a long and happy life and answers to the deepest of life’s questions.

The choice of Ceremonies I offer are varied and tailored to suit the individual and their life experiences, –  past, present and future.

You may want to incorporate your own religious beliefs, include some prayers,  the word of God, or a non religious Ceremony, but one that is meaningful and encourages them to be strong, grow and move forward.