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The reasons marriage vows are renewed can vary depending on the couple and the circumstances. Following are some of the reasons:

Some want to declare their continuing love to each other and their friends. They have been married a number of years which is significant to the couple. Other couples renew their vows publicly, because they were married overseas/interstate or for some reason, they could not invite their friends and family to the marriage. By renewing their vows couples are speaking firstly to each other and then to the family and friends that they invite to share the ceremony.

What happens?

Some couples choose to re-enact as closely as possible what happened on their actual wedding day and this is a re-affirmation to each other. Certain words and phrases that are in the marriage ceremony have to be omitted from the renewal of vows. A Renewal of Vows ceremony can be very formal or very relaxed, but it’s most importantly an affirmation of continuing love and commitment.

Planning To Renew Your Vows

The couple should discuss with each other what they would like to say publicly in front of family and friends. Consider whether you want to repeat the same vows or each say something different. I will be able to guide you to create a meaningful ceremony with help from the information that you provide. Consider if you would like other significant people to participate in the ceremony.